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NEW Hovis® Soft White Ad It's just bread, right? We think it is so much more.


Our Range

  • Farmhouse More Info


    Our traditional Farmhouse loaves are dusted with flour to create the perfect slice for sandwiches or toast.

  • Lower Carb More Info

    Lower Carb

    Our expert bakers have created a range of great tasting loaves that are naturally lower in carbs. They’ve got all the flavour you’d expect from Hovis® but with fewer carbs, they’re also high in fibre and protein.

  • White More Info


    Ready for the softest thing since sliced bread? Our Soft White loaves are perfect for sandwiches or straight from the toaster. 

  • Best of Both® More Info

    Best of Both®

    This loaf truly is the best of both - the great taste of white bread with twice the wheatgerm of wholemeal! Our Best of Both® loaf has a tasty recipe specially baked for children to enjoy. 

  • Wholemeal More Info


    Tasty Hovis® Wholemeal is a much-loved family favourite, naturally rich in wholegrains and made with 100% wholemeal flour. High in fibre and low in fat, our expert bakers use traditional methods to give you a taste of Hovis® heritage in every loaf.

  • Rolls More Info


    When you’ve been baking for over 130 years you learn a thing or two. Our rolls are specially made to be soft and delicious- a perfect alternative to your sandwich. 

  • Toasting More Info


    Crumpets, Pancakes, Teacakes and Muffins. Our toasting range are delicious warm with a knob of butter and are great for breakfast or as a snack.

  • Seeded More Info


    At Hovis®  we really love our seeded bread. Our expert bakers have created a range of seriously tasty loaves; all are baked with delicious blends of seeds, specially chosen for the best taste and texture, some of the seeds are even toasted to give an even richer flavour. We think you can't beat a delicious soft loaf with crunchy seeds for sandwiches or toast. 

  • Granary® More Info


    Our Hovis®  loaves have been loved by families up and down the country for years and they’re still just as popular today. Each of our signature recipes are baked with specially selected flours and grains using traditional methods. A taste of our heritage created by our expert bakers.

  • Wheatgerm More Info


    Our much-loved original loaf has an unmistakable sweet, nutty taste - with added wheatgerm.

  • Nimble® More Info


    Enjoy the Hovis® taste you love, but with just 52 calories or fewer per slice. These loaves are full of tasty malted wholegrains, high in fibre and low in fat.

  • Hovis Consumer Brands More Info

    Hovis Consumer Brands

    Find out more information about Mothers Pride®, Ormo® and MAA's Choice®, more of the great consumer brands we have within the Hovis® portfolio.

  • Hovis Business Brands More Info

    Hovis Business Brands

    Find out more information about the Hovis® milling business . Rank Hovis®, Fleming Howden® and Holgran® the business brands within the Hovis® portfolio.