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Meet the leadership team who have driven the business forward, letting them share their experience and why they love working for Hovis®.

Nish Kankiwala


Pete Hill

HR Director

Ketan Halai

Finance Director

George Idicula

Supply Chain Director

Nish Kankiwala

What’s the best job you’ve ever had?

“I’ve worked in consumer goods for a long time – over 40 years – and I’ve been fortunate to work with some really strong brands and best-in-class companies such as PepsiCo, Unilever and Burger King. The best jobs are the ones that integrate your personal interests too, so I loved my time at Burger King – burgers are one of my favourite foods! But my best job is my current one at Hovis®. I absolutely love bread and I’m a keen baker at home. My signature bake is a sunflower seed white loaf. Working with eight bakeries excites me every day and I love our products – my favourite in our range is Seed Sensations®, it’s a great product."

What do the Hovis® values mean to you?

"Our company values mean a lot to me and the main reason for this is because they came from those who matter the most; our colleagues! When I set out our future strategy in 2016 to give our consumers the best quality product, I was clear with the Executive team and the business that we needed to, and would deliver, on this promise to our consumers. So in 2017, after working with a number of our colleagues across all of our sites, our values were set, based on what they think is important and the key drivers to success. These values are the bedrock of our company today and in the future.”

What does success look like to you?

“For me, it is about giving every home the best quality product. That’s what we strive to deliver at Hovis® every day. I spend a significant amount of time at all the bakeries with our colleagues, our milling technicians, our delivery drivers and the leadership teams, so that I can best understand what they need to deliver our strategy, and to ensure that we provide that, on a consistent, long-term basis. My career started in a factory as an engineer so I am therefore fascinated by what our bakery colleagues believe the business could be doing differently to achieve our goal. I am very heartened to see how these thoughts and conversations have evolved over the last 3 years and the difference our 2,800 colleagues want to make."

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