The “BLT” has officially been crowned Briton’s best loved sandwich, according to a new poll of the nation.

Bacon, with crisp lettuce and a juicy slice of tomato, is officially the best sandwich combination, with as many as 28 percent of Brits voting it the tastiest, in a new poll. 

In close second place was the humble chicken salad (24 percent), while tuna mayonnaise came in third and the classic childhood favourite, fish finger sandwich came fourth. 

Cheese and pickles made up the top five, according to the survey of 2,000 people by Hovis. 

The BLT can be traced back to 1903, when the earliest mention of the “club style” sandwich was mentioned in the Good Housekeeping Everyday cookbook. The sandwich grew in fame and according to food historians, was popularised after World War II, following the expansion of supermarkets. 

A resounding 85 percent of those surveyed agree you can’t enjoy a sandwich without REAL butter, while 41 percent love mayonnaise. More than one in ten (14 percent) of modern Brits also claim they love to put hot sauce over their sandwich fillings. 

Soft white, emerged as the most popular sandwich bread (53 percent), followed by wholemeal (30 percent and seeded (22 percent). 

31 percent are so proud of their sandwich making skills, they like to upload images of them to social media, while 67 percent said they couldn’t live without bread. 

Adrian Mooney, Marketing Director, Hovis says: ‘There’s no doubt we’re a nation of sandwich lovers, and this research sheds light on our eating habits. We were delighted to see that the classic BLT has stood the test of time and is still favoured by British sandwich lovers, whether it’s for lunch or dinner”. 

The research also found that two thirds (66 percent) think that there is nothing better than putting last night’s leftovers in between two slices of bread, with 63 percent believing that any meal can be made better by putting it in between bread.


  1. BLT – 28%
  2. Chicken salad – 24 %
  3. Tuna Mayonnaise – 23%
  4. Fish finger – 23%
  5. Cheese and pickle – 22%
  6. Egg and cress – 19%
  7. Coronation chicken – 18%
  8. Prawn mayonnaise – 14% 
  9. Smoked salmon and cream cheese – 11%
  10. Beef and horseradish – 10%

This research of 2,000 Brits was commissioned by Hovis and conducted by Perspectus Global during April 2024.