Hovis®️ Logistics Apprenticeship
Level 2 Large Goods Vehicle (LGV)

2018 saw the launch of the Hovis®️ Logistics Apprentice Programme at Golborne, Bradford and Dagenham. In association with GTG Training, Hovis®️ Mentors and Line Managers provide both “on and off” the job training experience for apprentices.

Participants achieve the LGV class 2 licence as part of their apprenticeship, learning real routes from their depot, and enhancing their skills in all areas of the driver role like health & safety, customer service, vehicle inspection and administration. This takes place over a 12-month period. Once completed, an End Point Assessment (EPA) is conducted by an independent assessor, to date we have had eight successful drivers pass this stage, five with distinction.

The great success of the programme & Hovis’® continued commitment to training and developing new driving talent means the programme will continue in 2019.

“Feedback has been really positive, and it’s been great to be part of our apprentices’ journey... they’re a real asset to the business”

Adam Bassant | Logistics General Manager

Chloe Penny: Apprentice Driver, Golborne

“I was driving for another business when my dad saw the advert for the Hovis®️ Logistics Apprenticeship and suggested I apply. I’d always wanted to be an HGV driver but the qualification was expensive so I hadn’t yet  signed up for it. I had assumed Apprenticeships were for school leavers but you can be any age, so I went ahead and was offered a place aged 25.

I start at 2am – at first it was hard to adjust my body clock and go to bed early but I’ve got used to it now and I’m ready for the day when I get up. I finish by 12pm, I then go to bed for a couple of hours before walking the dogs or spending time with my family – for me it’s so much better than a ‘nine-to-five’. The Apprenticeship has changed my life, I’m renting a house, I’ve got 2 dogs, my dream car and the life I want. At the minute I’m enjoying my role but one day I’ll go for my class 1 (HGV) licence. I know Hovis®️ will support me with that when I’m ready.  

I’ve surprised myself how well I’ve adapted to the whole job. Even the lifting – I didn’t think I’d be able to load the baskets of bread on to the back of my van but I can do it myself. It does take me about 15 mins longer than the boys and that annoys me sometimes, but I realise I’m doing it the way I can and there’s no pressure on me from the management to go faster. Quite often someone will offer to help too. I am the only female driver and I enjoy the ‘male dominated’ environment – we have good banter together! I want to show people that women can do ‘men’s jobs’; gender equality is a passion of mine and I really feel there’s no reason why men and women should do different jobs. I’m also proud to earn the same as the boys in the same job - no pay gap here!

Currently I drive the Burnley and Wirral route and I love it, along the coast and the Mersey tunnel. I look forward to my route every day and I enjoy my customers too – we have a good and upbeat style of communication and I enjoy a good relationship with them. They’re always pleased to see me!”

Chloe Penny
Hovis®️ Engineering Apprenticeship
Level 3 Food and Drink Engineering Maintenance (FDEM)

In September 2017, the first eleven trainees joined the Hovis®️ Engineering Apprenticeship Programme, with more joining throughout 2018, and more planned for 2019. Engineers are vital to our manufacturing capability, which is why the apprentices of today are an important part of the Hovis®️ of tomorrow.

The Programme

Over a four-year Apprenticeship, engineers gain skills and techniques which can be applied specifically to food production including electrical maintenance tasks, workshop experience and carrying out routine inspection and fault finding tasks. This is a fantastic programme which requires strong demonstration of the correct behaviours to pass the End Point assessment.   

The Experience

We’ve partnered with Kirklees College in Huddersfield, who have a purpose built training facility at their Process Manufacturing Centre. Apprentices spend between 10 and 22 weeks a year at Kirklees, staying in the halls of residence, working with mentors based at Hovis®️ and course tutors and coaches at Kirkless to help them translate theory into practical day-to-day expertise.

This programme offers a fantastic alternative to university so has proved popular with A-level students. In December 2018 one of our apprentices was chosen as one of Kirklees college’s “Students of the Year”.  A tremendous achievement, and a testament to the support received at work and at college.

Nick Hawes: third year Engineering Apprentice

“I was originally at college doing Mechanical Engineering but some of my course-mates told me about the variety of work they were doing on the Multi-Skilled Apprenticeship at Hovis®️. It sounded really good,  so I applied and got in. I’ve always enjoyed welding and fabricating. I’m a perfectionist but I soon realised that I’m here to learn and we have to make mistakes in the short term to do better in the long term.

I love the variety. You never know what you’ll be doing each day. One day it could be stripping a machine down, then another day feeding wires. You’re thinking all the time and it’s constantly hands-on.  Makes me realise I could never stare at a screen all day.”

HBA - Hovis®️ Business Apprenticeship
Level 6 Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship

We’re excited to announce a new coordinated Business Apprentice programme starting September 2019, with the first apprentices recruited. Based in High Wycombe, they’ll work in the following departments: Commercial, Finance, HR, IT and Central Supply Chain - a great foundation for a successful future

The Programme

The programme will take four years to complete. It’s a Level 6 Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University, with the degree content and study materials having a practical grounding in the workplace. Apprentices will attend Sheffield Hallam as residents for approximately 20 days per year.

For the latest recruitment information on HBA go to: https://jobs.hovis.co.uk

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