Lifestyle Choices Bread

  • Hovis Glorious Grains<sup>®</sup> Hovis Glorious Grains® Glorious Grains® is a delicious loaf that has been baked with a blend of 7 sprouted grains including rye, wheat, spelt, oats, barley, buckwheat and teff.
  • Hovis Fabulous Fibre™ Hovis Fabulous Fibre™ Fabulous Fibre™ is a light and tasty loaf that has been baked with a natural prebiotic fibre
  • Lower Carb Seeded<sup>†</sup> Lower Carb Seeded A great tasting seeded loaf, naturally lower in carbs
  • Seeded Half Loaf Seeded Half Loaf The same great taste of Hovis® Seed Sensations® just with fewer slices. Perfect if you’re the only one that likes Seeded bread at home!
  • Nimble<sup>®</sup> Wholemeal Nimble® Wholemeal High in fibre, low in fat and 51 calories per slice