Hovis Consumer Brands Maa's Choice

Maa’s Choice Chapatti Atta has been specifically made keeping your everyday practical, emotional and cultural needs in mind. We know that in your household, a chapatti is not just an accompaniment; it’s the meal binder which brings the food and family together. This essential part of your mealtime is the very reason for the existence of our brand, Maa’s Choice.

Our range focuses on providing you with options that are suited to your day to day requirements.  You are our first priority and after listening to your needs we have created products that will live up to your high standards and expectations. So keeping your preferences in mind, we give you two variants of Chapatti Atta - Medium and Fine White, which are available in pack sizes of 10 and 25 kg

Maa's Choice
*Maa's Choice and Hovis are registered trademarks of Hovis Ltd.

Hovis Consumer Brands Mothers Pride

Mothers Pride bread was first sold in 1936 by a Northern baker W.J. Brookes & Sons in Manchester.

In 1955 British Bakeries was set up by Rank Hovis McDougall, the flour producer. British Bakeries took over W J Brookes and the Mothers Pride brand to counter the dominance of other brands, but also ensure an outlet for their own flour products.

In 1956 Mothers Pride was marketed as a national brand by the new division British Bakeries. This led to various TV adverts for Mothers Pride in the 1960’s/70’s with wellknown celebrities of the time such as Thora Hird and Dusty Springfield.

For a time in the 1970's and 80’s Mothers Pride was one of the best selling white breads in the UK!

Today Mothers Pride is a subbrand of Hovis. We have Mothers Pride Scottish Batch which is produced in Glasgow by the only batch plant left in the UK! We also produce Mothers Pride white and brown bread, in addition to a small range of morning goods.

Mothers Pride
*Mothers Pride and Hovis are registered trademarks of Hovis Ltd.

Hovis Consumer Brands Ormo

Robert Wilson founded the Ormo Bakery in Belfast on the Ormeau Road in 1875, a passionate baker who was renowned for baking the highest quality products. That passion for baking remains to this day among the workforce at the Hovis Bakery in Belfast, baking fresh Ormo baked goods every day.

A household name for generations of families in Northern Ireland and well-known for its use of traditional recipes and only the finest ingredients…..Ormo is in good hands. The Ormo Innovation Centre ensures that the brand stays true to its heritage and traditions, while listening to today's shoppers, with new lines continually being adapted and developed. Investment doesn’t end there, with Ormo supported each year with strategic marketing to ensure that Ormo remains at the forefront of the Bakery market.

The Ormo brand and its entire range was recently re-launched under the Ormo ‘Bake me Happy’ theme, in a bid to revitalise the sector and revolutionise the Morning Goods market. The revamp included new brand positioning, the introduction of exciting new products, improved recipe changes and new improved packaging. This bright modern fresh looking range includes favourites such as, Wheaten Bread, Soda Farls and Potato Bread, as well as Pancakes, Muffins, Rolls and Fruit Loaves. All proudly showing the use of fresh local buttermilk and free range eggs.

Ormo has clear future plans to continue to innovate and develop new baked goods to meet the changes in market, consumer palate, shopper demands, and bringing new products to the table.

*Bake Me Happy and Hovis are registered trade marks of Hovis Limited. Ormo is a registered trademark of A H Foods Limited used under licence by Hovis Limited