Hovis Business Brands Rank Hovis

Rank Hovis Milling is one of the most recognised names in the milling and baking sector.

Our product portfolio includes Rank Hovis Originals, a comprehensive range of white, wholemeal and cake flours for the craft baker, as well as a range of sweet cake mixes and two of the UK's best known brands, Hovis and Granary.

The Rank Hovis Milling team is dedicated to growing mutually profitable business partnerships through our team of dedicated Commercial and Technical Managers who are supported by our Customer Service Team.

We use our technical skills to select raw materials sourced only from approved suppliers ensuring that customer specifications are fulfilled. 

Our in depth new crop assessment provides a timely and informative summary of each year’s harvest and the potential impact on baking performance.

Rank Hovis
*Rank Hovis, Hovis and Granary are registered trademarks of Hovis Ltd.

Hovis Business Brands Fleming Howden

With a heritage and history dating back to the 1850's, Fleming Howden is renowned as an established supplier to the Bakery trade in Scotland.  Based in Edinburgh, Fleming Howden source a wide range of quality ingredients from within the UK & beyond and offer an extensive choice of products including flour, cake mixes, improvers, sugars, fats & chocolate.

Fleming Howden has an in house Technical and Customer Service team who can provide assistance on product specifications, developing new lines and finding the right solutions for our customers.

Fleming Howden
*Fleming Howden is a registered trademark of Hovis Ltd.

Hovis Business Brands Holgran

Holgran has been an integral part of Rank Hovis Milling since 2008, and continues to work with a wide range of bakery and food manufacturers across a number of categories within the baked goods segment.

Over the years Holgran has sourced and developed a wide range of products which complement these categories and also continues to maintain a passion for providing quality products and commercial and technical support by developing products to enhance taste and texture.

*Holgran and Rank Hovis are registered trademarks of Hovis Ltd.