More and more people are embracing plant-based lifestyles for various reasons – be it health, environmental concerns, or ethical considerations. As this trend continues to gain momentum, companies are innovating to cater to the needs of this growing demographic. 

One such brand is us here at Hovis®. The majority of our loaves can be consumed by Vegetarians and we have several options that can also be consumed by Vegans. 

Quality Ingredients

At the heart of Hovis® Bread lies a commitment to quality ingredients. Our recipes are created with care, ensuring that each loaf is delicious. For vegans and vegetarians, this means peace of mind knowing that they're consuming products that can suit their diet.

Vegan-Friendly Formulations

Hovis® understands the importance of transparency and inclusivity when it comes to dietary choices. That's why they offer a range of bread options that are specifically developed to be vegan-friendly. From their classic Wholemeal loaf to Best of Both®, we provide options that cater to diverse tastes and preferences within the vegan community.

While the majority can be consumed by Vegetarians, below is a list of our range that can also be consumed by Vegans:

  • Soft White
  • Farmhouse White
  • Wholemeal
  • Best of Both®
  • Granary®
  • Nimble®
  • Seed Sensations®

Whether you're a lifelong vegan, a recent convert to plant-based eating, or simply someone looking to incorporate more tasty foods into your diet, Hovis is a delicious choice that everyone can enjoy.