This week we are overjoyed with news from Microlise, who have awarded Hovis the Microlise Driver Excellence Award for 2020. This prestigious award is based on Hovis having the most drivers in the top 1,000 based on in-truck telematics data from over 225,000 UK drivers.

The awards recognise logistics teams which have consistently displayed driving excellence and superior customer service, with Hovis selected as the overall winner in 2020 based on driver data captured on the in-truck telematics systems.

General Manager of Hovis Logistics, Adam Bassant, says; “This is a fantastic achievement that could not have come at a better time. The past few months have seen enormous change as we all know. It’s a tough job driving for 9 or 10 hours a day, often in and around our big cities, so this is fitting recognition for the drivers, the in-house trainers and the managers who contribute to making that happen day in and day out.

This also completes a triple for us as we also won the Microlise Driver Of The Year award in 2018, the Young Driver of the Year in 2019 and now the Driver Excellence Award for 2020. For a logistics team of our size, with approximately 625 drivers, I think we have cause to be rightfully proud of this industry recognition. We work hard to support our drivers to be the best they can be as we really believe that they are ambassadors for Hovis as well as the entire sector.”