Our Range

Good Inside

Soft, fluffy and tasty. Your whole family will love these Loaves and Sandwich Thins – they’re baked with the extra goodness of omega 3*, added wheatgerm and fibre.

*Hovis Good Inside™ bread contains natural Omega 3 from seeds, which if eaten regularly, as part of a healthy lifestyle and a varied balanced diet, contributes to the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels in the blood.


Our classic British loaves – Soft White, Best of Both, Wholemeal – and all your bakery favourites.


A taste of our heritage. Families up and down the country have loved our most famous loaves for years and they’re still just as popular today. Each loaf is baked using traditional methods and they’re rich, nutty in flavour and nutritious.

Seed Sensations

Seriously tasty loaves, with a blend of toasted seeds for extra flavour – brown linseeds, sunflower, pumpkin, millet, golden linseed and poppy seeds. Great taste more naturally.


Enjoy the Hovis taste you love, but with just 52 calories or fewer per slice. These loaves are full of tasty malted wholegrains, high in fibre and low in fat.