Good Inside Launch

Sees the launch of Hovis new Loaves, Flatbreads and Thins.


Launch of seed sensations granary batch

Sees the launch of Hovis new Seed Sensations Soft Granary Batch and Taste Sensations.


Seed Sensations Launch Poppy Pack

Hovis launches Seed Sensations Poppy Pack to help raise money for The Royal British Legion.


victoria pendleton becomes the new face of hovis wholemeal

Hovis launches Hearty Oats, with Victoria Pendleton becoming the new face of Hovis Wholemeal between 2010 - 2012.


The launch of the
Farmhouse loaf

Emma Bunton also becomes the face of Hovis wholemeal and Hovis re-launch bread rolls
and mini loaves.


Hovis London Free Will

Hovis launches the Londons Big Bike ride and launches Seed Sensations rich & Roasted light and light & nutty.


'go on lad'

Celebrates 120 years of Hovis
and launches baked beans packaging.


Hovis develops and launches
the Invisible Crust, winning
product of the year at
Food Processing awards

Animated ducks were used to communicate health improvments using the slogan 'Better today than its ever been' the commercials were made in the Ardman Animations Studios famous for the Wallace and Gromit productions.


Hovis makes promise to always be free From artifical preservatives

Hovis best of health reduced salt in loaves, followed by a white bread with 25% less carbohydrate. All Hovis products now free from artifical preservatives and flavourings.


Hovis develops and launches Best of Both

A new animated TV campaign featuring Harry and his family spread the message that; with Hovis you can 'get something good inside' reasserting core Hovis values of nutrition and health.


Hovis re-launches their
entire range

Unveiling new packaging designs across the range that included Hovis 'Slice Advice' on bread wrappers, bringing the nutritional benefits of the bread to the attention of all consumers.


Raised The Hovis Way

A decision was made in the late 90's to change Hovis TV advertisements slogan to 'Raised The Hovis Way,' reinforcing Hovis' emphasis on tradition and the family. The advertisments themselves focused on the products, to show that Hovis is an expert baker of a wide range of bread, and supported Hovis' launch of a new range of Hovis White Bread


The Great White

Hovis launches the great white into the bread market.


Innovative Product Development

Hovis witnessed a period of product development with the introduction of Hovis Cobbles, Hovis Hoolies, Hovis Bolders, Hovis Scones and Hovis Ready-Made Sandwiches.


Hovis Wholemeal & Hovis Farmhouse introduced

First use of organic flour in a Hovis Loaf.


Hovis Granary Launched


100 years of Hovis


Hovis launches Wholewheat


Nabisco Introduces Hovis digestive biscuits


'Boy on the Bike'

TV commercial was released directed by Ridley Scott.


Rank Hovis McDougall Ltd

Saw the incorporation of the company.


Hovis merges with the McDougall Trust

Forming Hovis McDougall’s Ltd - Hovis Commercials'. The theme was nursey rhymes such as Little Miss Muffet and Little Jack Horder, 21 were produced that year.


The days of black and white commercials

Nine black and white commercials were produced, included weighlifter, Eacho Valley and Cannibal Cook. These commercials featured the commedians from the Carry On Films, George Benson and Kenneth Connor


The birth of television advertising for Hovis

Hovis was one of the first brands to embrace television advertising when it began in the UK in September 1955.


During The War...

During WWII the Manchester Mill was destroyed and the government took control of the company as a national emergency measure. The company sponsored a Spitfire for the RAF called ‘Hominis Vis’ Slogan such as 'Make Hovis Your Rations For The Duration', and 'Thin Slices Make Hovis Go Further; were introduce, while a bookled entitled 'Sandwich Suggestions For The Shelter' was also produced.


'Had your Hovis Today?'

A campaign entitled 'Had your Hovis Today?' was introduced featuring hocky girls, golfers, tennis players, walkers and gardeners. 1937 to 1938 saw the development of the firness link with Hovis. Advertisements campaigned for a 'Fitter Britain; and Hovis produced exercise charts for men, women and children.


Wrapped and sliced Hovis Loaf introduced


'Teas with Hovis'

This era heralded the most general use of the motor car and. Just as they had pioneered the cycle maps and good guest houses in 1899, Hovis introduced the 'Teas with Hovis' campaign and signs sprang up all over the countryside to direct thirsty motorists. A useful motoring map went on sale ot the public


Cecil Gordon Wood joins the Hovis board

When Cecil Gordon Wood joined the Hovis board, the company underwent rapid expansion, acquiring several mills at home and overseas and running advertising campaigns that caught the public imagination illustrated by the likes of Mabel Lucie Attwell, Heath Robinson and Tom Eckersley.


'Just One Bite'

A full page colour advertisement featuring a Mabel Lucie Attwell illustration entitled 'Just One Bite; was introduced and proved popular. Hovis even converted this into a life sized paper mache sculpted model for use in window displays.


Vitamin B discovered in wheatgerm

Rich source of vitamin B discovered in wheatgerm, the earliest reference to ‘Don’t just say Brown - say Hovis’ first appeared.


'The Bread For You'

Sports Grounds constructed for employees at Mitcham, London, Beechfiled, Manchester and Macclesfields. A powerful campaign illustrated by a hand holding up a Hovis loaf with the line 'The Bread For You' appeared in many womens magazines. This approach continued with different advertising slogans such as 'Build Health', 'The gateway to Health' and 'Stepping Stones To Health.'


'Don't say Brown - say Hovis'

The earliest reference to 'Don't say Brown - say Hovis' first appeared. In other words 'Don't ask for brown bread - if you want Hovis, Say Hovis' was the message.


The Junior Traveller

A magazine launched to help bakers with their trade


The Hovis Cycle Road Maps

When cycling was very popular, thousands of Hovis Cycle Road Maps and Guides were published to advertise the bread and show the teashops where it could be enjoyed. 


The Hovis Bread Flour Company Limited was formed


Bread fit for the Royal Family

Supplying Hovis bread to the Queen and the Royal family. Hovis won the 'highest award' in 1895 and 1896 at the food and cookery exhibitions in London. The first two page Hovis Consumer advertisement appeared. Headed the Great Roentgen Discovery, it drew the readers attend to the discovery of the Roentgen process of x-ray by illustating a loaf in outline and recommending the reader to hold it up to this light. By leaving the area of the loaf bland on the reverse of the page and printing SIVOH (Hovis Backwards) the word 'Hovis' appeared on the side of the loaf. 


1 million loaves per week

Sales of Hovis exceeded 1 million per week. Due to this success many small bakers were pretending thier loaves were made of Hovis flour, so the public were warned of imitations.


The Hovis Stamp

All bread was stamped with 'HOVIS' to discourage imitations.


Hovis established as a household name

Advertising in national press and magazines began. Due to successful advertising attributed to John Figgins Mortn, Hovis was established as a household name.


Brand Name Established

Hovis' Brand name was registered following a national competition and the first Hovis Loaves were baked.


The 'Smiths' patent the process Germ flour


The story begins

The story of Hovis begins with a miller names Richard 'Stoney' Smith who radically changed the way flour was milled. Richard perfected the method of steam cooking that preserved wheatgerm in bread wihout destroying its nutrients.